Goa Tours

Pequeno / Bat Island Tour

Pequeno Island is located in west goa. It is situated on approximate 1 kilometer from the Baina Beach of Vasco Da Gama. It is best tourist attraction point of west goa.

Banastari Bridge Tour

Banastari Bridge is known as meta bridge. It is called Banastarim Bridge. It is important link to the tiswadi and ponda taluka. It is west side of surrounded by the river. Three temple in this area for hindu religions.

Chapora Fort Tour

Chapora Fort is located in bardez( goa). It is situated on chopra river. This places was the site of another fort. It is famous for prominent position which commands views in all directions.

Panjim Tour

Panjim is capital of goa state. It is very smallest state capitals of india. It is situated on the south bank of the wide Mandovi River.The town has preserved its Portuguese heritage remarkably well and parts of it still consist of narrow winding streets, old houses with over hanging balconies, red-tiled roofs and numerous small bars and cafe's.

Divar Island Tour

Divar Island is located in approximately upriver 10 km from Panaji. It is connected is old goa on the south east side Ribandar, on the south-west side and Narve on the north side, all by ferry. It is nice view with paddy fields and wooded hills lacing the roadway, very typical of the Goan countryside

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